Advanced Pistol and Carbine

Advanced Pistol and Carbine
Instructor: Donald Dillon

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  • Bill Schmidtgall

    To say I learned a lot is an understatement. Don did a very good job. I’m going to set up similar training to improve my target acquisition. I find I’m seeing the target, then hesitating to confirm and that makes me slow, so I want to increase my ‘first sight confidence’ to trigger. I’ve also rechecked my zero and found both off slightly, which I’ve now fixed to 15 yards with pistol, 36 years with 5.56, ending with 4 within 1.5 circle, so much better. Building on what I learned, I will become invaluable as a shooter, accountable for his shots with accuracy and speed. I’ll be monitoring your website.


    Bill Schmidtgall

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