Women’s Only Hands-On Self Defense

Women’s Only Hands-On Self Defense

Every day on social media it seems, we are hearing about women being victimized. The everyday situations, where you're alone and potentially vulnerable? Gassing up at the gas station, getting money out of an ATM, walking to your car with grocery sacks in each hand, herding the kids in a public playground, or even if you're home alone? The truth is we don’t think about attacks enough, because we want to believe that people are inherently good and wouldn’t hurt us. According to the Criminal Victimization Bulletin in 2014, statistical analysis by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that “U.S. residents ages 12 and over experienced an estimated 5.4 million violent victimizations.” statistics tell us something very important; that women are not being properly equipped to defend themselves but we can and should do something about it. So we need to train and prepare ourselves for every potential scenario.
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The staff is very accommodating and pleasant to interact with. You aren’t just another face in the crowd. You are part of an ever growing family. Second time I’ve gone through the course because I was so impressed with the first time 2 years ago I brought my wife when it was time for her to get hers. Not regretting my decision one bit. If anyone needs the training this is the place to go.


Awesome training would recommend this company to anyone. very knowledgeable instructors that are passionate about teaching something they love. I'm looking forward to doing other classes with them. Thank you again Shane and Pat.


This was a very professional experience and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get their concealed carry permit