Concealed Carry Skills Development (Live Fire)

Concealed Carry Skills Development (Live Fire)

Are you relying on your 16 hours of state mandated training to keep you safe during a
critical incident? How often do you get the opportunity to train in a controlled stress
environment from concealment? This course offers concealed carriers the opportunity to
test their current skills and learn how to develop new skills for future practice and
training. Topics covered include: drawing from concealment, marksmanship vs. defensive
shooting, balancing speed and precision, and critical decision making.
Prerequisite for this course is a concealed carry license or certificate.
Equipment: Hydration container (water bottle)

Comfortable clothing (able to conceal a firearm) and closed toe shoes
A clean, serviceable firearm in good working condition
Concealed carry holster or concealment device (on or off body)-instructor will
make the final determination for acceptable holsters based on safety, please
contact us before the class date with questions or concerns about equipment
At least 2 magazines (the more the better) and magazine pouch/holster
200 or more rounds of factory loaded ammo (no steel core)
Vision and hearing protection (electronic preferred)
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The staff is very accommodating and pleasant to interact with. You aren’t just another face in the crowd. You are part of an ever growing family. Second time I’ve gone through the course because I was so impressed with the first time 2 years ago I brought my wife when it was time for her to get hers. Not regretting my decision one bit. If anyone needs the training this is the place to go.


Awesome training would recommend this company to anyone. very knowledgeable instructors that are passionate about teaching something they love. I'm looking forward to doing other classes with them. Thank you again Shane and Pat.


This was a very professional experience and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get their concealed carry permit