Concealed Carry Practical Applications Level 2 at Mar 02, 24 13:00 CST

Concealed Carry Practical Applications Level 2 at Mar 02, 24 13:00 CST

This course is a follow up from level 1. Here, you will be put in similar reality-based scenarios against a possible attacker, but this time, the attacker can shoot back. During these scenarios, there may be multiple threats, or none at all. You will have to use all of your previous skills and training to determine the best possible outcome. Prerequisite for this course is completion of the Level 1 course Equipment: Hydration container (water bottle) Comfortable clothing (able to conceal a firearm) and shoes. We recommend that students wear multiple layers of clothing for protection from the plastic projectiles. Any other protective gear that students may deem necessary will be reviewed for safety before being used. We will supply protective face coverings. Students may bring their own holsters or concealment devices (on or off body), but there is no guarantee that our airsoft guns will be compatible.
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The staff is very accommodating and pleasant to interact with. You aren’t just another face in the crowd. You are part of an ever growing family. Second time I’ve gone through the course because I was so impressed with the first time 2 years ago I brought my wife when it was time for her to get hers. Not regretting my decision one bit. If anyone needs the training this is the place to go.


Awesome training would recommend this company to anyone. very knowledgeable instructors that are passionate about teaching something they love. I'm looking forward to doing other classes with them. Thank you again Shane and Pat.


This was a very professional experience and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get their concealed carry permit