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Illinois Concealed Carry

Our passion is instructing competence and proficiency that comes hand-in-hand with knowledge in the defensive firearms world. If you're in Central IL come train with us!

Concealed Carry Skills Development
Introduction to Force-on-Force

How often do you get to train with reality based scenarios under stress? This class may be the closest you get to the real thing while still getting realistic feedback in real time. We’re going to test your skills and help you discover what you need to be better prepared when it really counts.

Advanced Concealed Carry: Level 1

Let's face it, the basic concealed carry class was not sufficient to prepare you physically for real world, life like events. This course is specifically designed to increase your capabilities and confidence through the application of basic and advanced exercises and drills.

Women's Only Concealed Carry

Good Shepherd Defense and Training, LLC also offers Women Only options for our concealed carry courses. Website | Facebook | GoodShepherdDefense Instragram | @GoodShepherdDefense YouTube |

Low Light Defense Pistol

Good Shepherd Defense and Training's Low Light Defensive Pistol Course is designed to take away your reliability, on your visibility. We train using realistic scenarios and expectations, while gaining the critical confidence that you need for Defensive Purposes!