3hr Concealed Carry Renewal

3hr Concealed Carry Renewal
Instructors:  Shane Hoadley & Justin Lipes

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  • Bill Schmidtgall

    Appreciate the review, especially the safety emphasis. Tracked well to my notes from 2013. Shane kept it moving and reinforced key points, so good job there. Illinois is a challenge.

    My recommendation is to communicate the total time frame expected. The course is projected as 3 hours, 5:00 – 8:30, but we didn’t finish until 9:30 or later and Shane kept things moving. If the qualification shooting is in addition to classroom, indicate such, or limit the marketing by USCCA and US Law (I’ve been a member of USCCA since 2011 and believe every gun owner must have training and experienced legal contacts for the inevitable when), but they took about 40 minutes between them.

    Set expectation and communicate. Everyone is busy. Promise, overdeliver. if 5:00-9:45, so be it to present information, regulatory compliance, safety, qualification and legal assistance.

    I’ve taken several courses and always learn a lot. Another well done. Thanks.

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